Adamantas or Adamas is the harbor and the main port of Milos.
It is located on the north-eastern coast of the Gulf of Milos. The settlement was created in 1831 by Cretan refugees who settled in the area following a resolution of the Kapodistrias government. And the current descendants of those are called “Milocretians”.

At the foot of the hill, on the Adamantas beach, there is a hot spring. On the beach of Adamas and at a depth of about 30 m. traces of ancient buildings can be seen from which it can be concluded that there was a very ancient settlement there that sank due to ground subsidence.

It is noted that near Adamas there is a military cemetery of Anglo-French people from the Crimean War, recalling that Adamas was then the base of the French fleet. Even today, once a year a warship of the French fleet sails to pay tribute to the dead.

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