At the southwestern tip of Milos, one will come across Kleftiko, also known as “Sea Meteora”. Kleftiko is a complex of impressive volcanic white rocks, created by the waves of the sea and the wind, in the blue-green waters of the Aegean. His photos adorn most tourist guides that advertise Greece and he has become the trademark of Milos.

The name came from the pirates, as in the past this place was used both as a refuge and as their base, since the small coves protected the ships and themselves from the strong winds of the Aegean. The magic of the landscape is complemented by the legend of the pirates’ hidden treasure, in a cave near the beach. White sheer rocks fall into the sea, creating three continuous bays, while some of them are cut off from the land and rest on the deep blue waters, forming caves and pits. The clarity of the water, the caves that offer safe passage, the small beach and the underwater life make up one of the most beautiful natural wonders in the entire Mediterranean.

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