Klima is a seaside settlement of Milos. It is 6 km from Adamas, the main port of the island. It is located at the entrance of the bay of Milos, below the village of Tripiti.

The settlement is famous for the houses of fishermen who live in the settlement, known as “wires”. Wires are usually two-story buildings with brightly painted doors and windows. Upstairs lived the fisherman with his family and the lower floor was used to guard the boat during the winter. Today some of the wires function as tourist accommodation. There are also restaurants in the village.

Klima is located near the site of ancient Milos, with the ancient theater, near which was found Aphrodite of Milos. In the village is the cave church of Agia Paraskevi. The beach of the village, together with the nearby beach of Schinopi, is suitable for swimming.

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